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Hey all,

If you are still interested in joining us on our journey to an amazing server? Please check out http://www.arceuscraft.com for more information.

We are trying to set the server up again to statisfy you guys. Please note that we can't return any Pokémons or donation packages or else it will mess up the whole system.

Hope to see you there,
shadoowner, MrDiver


shadoowner Owner posted Jan 8, 14
Very soon! Old times will return and the good old map can be played again!
It will be owned by me and MrDiver and 20+ staffmembers will maintain it!
TheFireroll Trainer Finally i hope i see my friends again!!! Good old server: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyKMonIZUKU ...
DJ_Gianni Trainer Respect on resurectting this Server!
shadoowner Owner yes it is ;)
shadoowner Owner  published Arceus Craft Pixlemon Adventure server on News
shadoowner Owner  published Soon... on News
bigmack42 Chat-PoliceBuilderHGHD
HGHD Pixelmon server has reached a new hit record of 312 unique hits today!
HGHD Pixelmon server has reached a new hit record of 300 unique hits today!
HGHD Pixelmon server has reached a new hit record of 289 unique hits today!
keithstewart1995 and keithstewart1995   donated a total of $4.00 to HGHD Pixelmon server
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KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-LeaderP.S. I added a "Staff Members" page to the site.
KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-LeaderSo, I made this banner. (Thanks to Pr3venti0n, I got the 3D "HGHD" thing from him)
Any comments?
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the_nightmare666 Gym-Leader  make a banner with all the gym leaders on with there proper skins XD
TheFireroll   There's me:) my old skin :D
KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-Leader  Yeah, it's TheFireroll, DJ_Gianni, and some random guy idk xD
bigmack42 Chat-PoliceBuilderTo all of those people on the server saying that they lost their pokemon, the staff is unable to help you unless you provide proof that you had it. Thank you
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KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-LeaderPeople who donated and STILL NEED ITEMS, please comment on this!
And, anyone who lies to me, I do have the list of donations, so if you lie and say you donated, then you will kindly receive a ban.
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jonnhy1999   I used the links from the signs so didnt use enjin
KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-Leader  john, you need to wait for MrDiver, as I can't check his PayPal.
shadoowner Owner  Ok ill tell him that, jonn is my little brother he isnt much on the forms
Hellbeastz01 Elite-FourGym-LeaderBuilderGoing off on vacation soon, Gitta pack etc ill be back in 2 weeks, Cya!
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Werenka Chat-PoliceElite-FourBuilder  bye!
whitethundermax   Im on a vacatien to so i wont be on for 4 weeks!
PS. Bye
COD_Nick   Have fun hell don't miss us too much!
What is Myaah? - The Legend Of Myaah
History of Myaah Myaah began when an evil genius named Skeletor had a 2 second feature in the infamous song "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" by He-Man. Skeletor knew in his seemingly minor 2...
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superr22 Builder  heyeahyeahyeahyeahheyyeahyeah i said hey, whats going on?
Pizzasauras   and he tries.............. ERMAERD DID I TRY,...... i try, all the time,*sniff*.......
Pizzasauras   MYYAHHHR!!!!!
the_nightmare666 Gym-LeaderHey everyone I'm finally home XD
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Hellbeastz01 Elite-FourGym-LeaderBuilder  Welcome back :P
superr22 Builder  welcome back :) i kept the gym warm for u xD
Werenka Chat-PoliceElite-FourBuilder  welcome back!
KaiBB DeveloperAdminElite-FourGym-LeaderFor those who don't know, this week, my parents are on vacation and I have pre-camp for my marching band. This means I will be home from about 5-8 every night. That's only 3 hours every night. However, I do have my laptop, so I will see if I'm able to get Minecraft running on it.
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